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One of the last few remaining knights in shining armor.
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Alias: Det. Bobby Eliot
Year: 1973

It wasn't often that Detective Bobby Eliot made it uptown. Most of the work he did for Narcotics was in the lower, seedier, parts of town, but in order to find the supply, he needed to find the demand. It stood to reason that the high and mighty of the city still needed their fix just like any other street junkie. So, on a hunch, he started going around to the different precincts, trying to get an idea just how widespread the distribution really was. If it was local, it could be dealt with quickly by only a few precincts, but if it involved all five boroughs, things were going to get really complicated, really quickly.

The thought had just crossed Bobby's mind when he pulled open the door to the precinct house. To sooner had he walked into the main hallway than a blonde-haired boy came barreling towards him. The desk sergeant and another detective were a few yards behind.

"Whoa, son, slow down there," Bobby said, moving in front of the doors to stop him.

"Daniel, wait!" the other detective called out.
12th-May-2008 12:56 pm - Perps & Pervs Chapter 1
her_champion: (Russell (Cop))
"I assume the detective already noted the foot prints?" (prompt #34.1.A from [community profile] writers_muses)

Even above the controlled chaos that was a murder investigation, her voice got Lance's attention. It was low and husky, even for a woman, with a distinct note of no nonsense. He looked up from the bloody footprint in question. Standing just on the other side of the yellow crime scene tape was a tall, slender brunette dressed in jeans, a white oxford shirt, and black windbreaker. Everything about her was lean and lanky from her mile-long legs to her arms to her torso. She had wavy, dark brown hair that fell past her shoulders and dark eyes that seemed to soak up every detail. Hanging from her belt, a shield glinted in the waning sunset. Stifling an irritated groan, he stood up and walked over to her and the CSI tech standing nearby. He didn't have a partner, didn't need one, and having someone poking around his investigation just got on his last nerve.

Titus Quintus Farris (mun knowledge only)
Present Alias: Detective Lance Arturo
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