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28th-Mar-2009 12:04 am - Home Is Where The Heart Is
her_champion: (Rome is the Light)
Home is a small castle in the hills of Tuscany's Chianti region. It's something I've held onto dearly for most of my life. It has been destroyed and rebuilt at least six times over the years, and each time it has been improved. Frivolous things such as a swimming pool and tennis court have been added as well as some more important items like electricity and running water.

In the morning, the birds wake up with the sun. You can hear the bells ringing from the church in the small town nearby marking the time for morning Mass. The scents of lavender and rosemary fill the garden. The cypress trees surround the house, casting long, cool shadows in the heat of the afternoon. The evenings are filled with the sound of crickets as a cool mist fills the valley.

The farm has any number of crops. There's an olive grove on the north slope, figs, apples, a small vineyard. On the road down the hill, there's a small compound where the olives are pressed into oil and the grapes into wine, not using the same equipment, of course, but little about the process has changed since my childhood.

I remember accompanying my father to Rome after the harvest. As a boy, I was astounded at the size of the city, the sounds, the sights. There were Greeks, Egyptians, Africans whose skin was so black it shown blue, Gauls, Franks and Turks. The marketplace smelled of fish, baking bread, incense, animals, various perfumes, and people hot from standing in the sun. The fountains amazed me, and I asked my father if we could have a fountain. He simply smiled and told me, "only if the gods give us one."

That villa has been my haven, my sanctuary, for more years than I can count. It's where I go to rest, and to remember.

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Prompt: [ profile] theatrical_muse #235 "Show us where you live."
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24th-Feb-2008 11:13 am - [ profile] theatrical_muse #219: Headlines
her_champion: (Russell (fingers))
{OOC: Had newspapers actually existed in Camelot, it probably would've read something like this...}

An Affair?

Seen canoodling last night in the castle gardens were none other than Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. The pair had been seen a number of times around Camelot in close contact. The honoured Knight of the Round Table has been known to go so far as to make the Queen laugh immoderately on several occasions. Sources close to both contend that Lancelot is merely her bodyguard, sworn to protect her from harm, and that there has been no infidelity on the Queen's part. Many surmise that the Queen has tired of the King's bed in favour of Lancelot's. Both claim this is a blatant falsehood.

There is, naturally, the matter of an heir. To date, the Queen has produced no child, a fact that many in the realm find troubling. Should, Heaven forbid, King Arthur die heirless, Mordred of Orkney, the King's adopted nephew, will inherit the throne of Camelot. When asked about his place in court, Mordred only had this to say, "I have no desire to rule Camelot. It is my fondest wish that God grant Their Majesties an heir." King Arthur could not be reached for comment due to other matters of state.

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