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27th-Mar-2009 06:14 pm - Rebooting Lance / Character Q&A
her_champion: (Russell (long hair))
I know Lance hasn't exactly been super active. Even from the beginning, he has always been quiet, reserved and even a bit aloof. So, I'm hoping to dust him off by way of reformatting his layout and posting some more extensive character information.

25 Questions )

If anyone wants to use these questions for their muses, here's a handy-dandy copy & paste code:

14th-May-2008 07:39 pm - Lance's Timeline
her_champion: (mun post)
Aside from the few holes here & there, this is Lance's complete timeline. It shouldn't have to be said, but unless your character was around during these times & areas, this is for mun knowledge only.

0028 – 0046: Childhood in Tuscany. Joined Legions age 18.
0046 – 0062: Roman Legionnaire, Western Europe. First Death, Battle of Watling Street, Briton.
0062 – 0110: Olive grove owner/farmer, Tuscany
0110 – 0430: Roman Legionaire, Italian Legion, fought with Constantine Oct, 312
0430 – 0460: Roman Legionaire, Eastern Europe. Battled Attila*.
0460 – 0494: ????
0495 – 0520: Lancelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table
0520 – 1132: ???
1132 – 1312: Knight Sovrano Militare Ordine Ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme di Rodi e di Malta**, fought in Second thru Fifth Crusades
1312 – 1340: ???
1340 – 1360: English knight, Hundred Years War
1360 – 1684 ???
1684 – 1697: Captain in the British Royal Navy, under orders to keep Caribbean piracy to a minimum [Benjamin Andrew Croft]
1697 – 1776: ????
1777 – 1781: British redcoat, Revolutionary War
1782 – 1802: Magistrate, Northern England
1802 – 1816: British cavalry, fought against Napoleon at Waterloo
1816 – 1845: ????
1845 – 1860: Detective, NYPD [Richard Loxley]
1860 – 1865: Union cavalry officer, part of Sherman's forces
1865 – 1870: ????
1870 – 1881: Marshal, Arizona territory [Cort]
1881 – 1892: Inspector, Metropolitan Police (London), investigated Jack the Ripper
1892 – 1914: ????
1914 – 1918: British Army, World War I (Western Front)
1918 – 1921: ????
1921 – 1931: Bureau of Prohibition, worked with Ness & The Untouchables to convict Capone [Det. Frank Charger]
1931 – 1938: Olive grove owner/farmer, Tuscany
1938 – 1942: Private Investigator, NYC
1942 – 1945: American Cavalry Officer, Italian front
1945 – 1950: ????
1950 – 1953: American Army Officer, Korea
1954 – 1973: Covert Intelligence, Europe/USSR
1973 – 1980: Detective, New York PD (Drug Enforcement)
1980 – 1989: Western Civilization Teacher, Colorado
1989 – 2002: Olive grove owner/farmer, Tuscany
2002 – Present: Detective, Bremerston PD

*Non-binding to any Attila!muses.
**Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta  
11th-May-2008 07:56 pm - Fandom Reference
her_champion: (mun post)
Over the past few weeks, I've come across several people who have asked about the Highlander/Immortal fandom. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to post the fundamental premises of Immortal!canon for reference.

Note: This is strictly based on the Panzer/Davis canon and does not include anything in play on LiveJournal.

Basically, the main canon points are:
1) Immortality is triggered by a violent death (battle, car accident, gun shots, etc).
2) Unless and until they die violently, they are considered "normal," but still infertile. They age, get scars, can suffer broken bones, etc. Once they suffer their First Death, they heal rapidly from wounds, and cease to age.
3) Immortals can't have kids & are found as infants/young children.
4) The older they are, the quicker they heal.
5) They can only stay dead by decapitation.
6) Said decapitation triggers a Quickening.
7) Because of the knowledge gained in said Quickening, a lot of Immortals play The Game. There is also a Prize involved, but no one knows what it is. Conjecture has it that it is the sum of all Immortal knowledge. Hence, the mantra: There Can Be Only One.
8) Rules of The Game.
    A) No fighting on hallowed/holy ground.
    B) No fighting in front of mortals.
    C) Single one-on-one bladed combat.
9) Only an Immortal can absorb the knowledge passed on by a Quickening. If killed by a mortal, the Quickening is lost.
10) There is a secret society called Watchers whose main objective is to watch and record the lives of Immortals.
11) There is also a group of radicals called Hunters who think Immortals are an abomination of nature and are trying to wipe them out. Their leader, James Horton, was killed twice by Duncan MacLeod.

More Reading Material:
Highlander Fandom

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