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26th-Feb-2010 01:24 pm - *Winter Storm Warning*
her_champion: (Russell (fingers))
"Bollocks, bother and bloody hell!" Lance Arturo swore under his breath.

He should've stayed in Tuscany. The weather was just turning warm and, checking his watch, he could've been enjoying a nice glass of Chianti after dinner. Hell, he could've stayed in North Carolina and been having lunch with Ethan. Had he known when he moved to St. George, Staten Island, four months ago that this winter would be the worst on record, he would've stayed in Tuscany. But, there he was, shoveling another six inches of snow out of his driveway.

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Lance Arturo † Highlander OC † 1024 Words † Non prompt-specific fic

A/N: As of four months ago (read: late-October), Lance is now living in the St. George area of Staten Island, NY. He is no longer employed by any formal law-enforcement department. He is currently working as a part-time security guard at [ profile] highland_rogue. If asked what he does for a living, he will probably answer that he's a history buff with a penchant for carpentry/handywork and occasionally flips houses on the side.
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