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22nd-Sep-2010 11:05 pm - A Long Overdue Post
her_champion: (Russell (sunny w/sport coat))
My Lady Scribe,

I hope that you shall forgive my absence of late. As you well know, I am not the most talkative of men, preferring action to words. I understand that my presence has been missed not only by you, but by a few others. And, admittedly, I am remiss in the Training of a certain [ profile] like_catnip which I shall have to remedy in the near future.

For the present, there is something I should like to discuss with you that concerns another [ profile] broadsword_babe: I think that possibly our stories could do with a touch of revision. It is my understanding that she has ridden into the proverbial sunset with her [ profile] iris_angel. However, given that the nature of these various universes are fluid and dynamic, perhaps you could entertain an idea or two regarding a 'verse concerning an amicable relationship between us both. Correct my assumption, but was that not your intention all along? Mayhap then I won't be wholly condemned as a stalker. Naturally, I mean that as a jest.

I must admit that I applaud your thoughts about my current occupation as a General Contractor. And the idea taken from Mike Holmes to fix the colossal blunders of other contractors fits rather nicely with my personality. Given that I've been involved with the Church for many a century, the ideal of charitable good works also goes well with fixing the homes of the less fortunate. And, yes, I suppose the situation is rather analogous to that of Sherwood as well.

I do hope to be around more-so than I have been of late. Though, I will be off to Tuscany in the coming months to help with the harvest. I might even be so bold as to invite a few others to join me. Though, I dare not interfere overmuch with your continuing education.

Omnio fieri possent.

Your humble servant,


[fandoms]: Highlander/Immortals, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
A/N: [ profile] like_catnip & [ profile] iris_angel referenced with ongoing permission
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