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Birthdate:Dec 26
Alias: Lance Aurtro

Appearance: Between 6'2" – 6'3", sandy blonde/brown hair, blue eyes

Portrayed By: Russell Crowe

Fandom: Highlander/OC
Watcher Dossier {for Immortal/Watcher Knowledge Only}
Name: Titus Quintus Ferris

Notable Aliases/Timeline:

Full timeline can be found here.

Date and Place of Birth: Adopted 7th Aprilis, 28AD: near San Gimignano, Tuscany

Adopted parents:Father: Atonius Quartus Ferris Mother: Olivia Agrippina Flavius

Date of First Death: 62CE

Circumstances: During the Battle of Wæcelinga Stræt, Titus was pierced through the chest by a Celtic sword.

Human Age: Appears to be between 35-45

Nature: Good

Personality: Protective, quiet, strong, secretive

Languages/Accents: Titus speaks most Western European languages and his accent is at times British, Italian or American

Preferred weapon(s):Gladius, longsword, longbow, most firearms

Origin: Roman

Religion: Catholic

First Teacher: [classified]

Students:Ethan Miller, Mike Keppler

Current Occupation: General Contractor

Current Location: St. George, Staten Island, New York, USA

Current Status: Alive

Lifestyle: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Unattached.

Game Status: Inactive/only participates if challenged, or to protect Freyja Gundersdøttir

Hobbies: Home renovation/repairs, target shooting (crossbow/rifle), equestrian events, music

Training: Titus is a trained foot soldier and knight. His combat training is extensive and thorough.

Enemies: Titus has no sworn enemies.

Watcher Notes: Titus is the self-proclaimed bodyguard of Freyja Gundersdøttir. He saw her on the field at Watling Street and fell in love with her. As Lancelot, he was charged by Arthur to protect Guinevere. It is a duty he still keeps to this day. Titus is also the quintessential knight in shining armor.

10/26/2010 (last updated)
Titus is an Original Character from the Highlander Universe, which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. Creative license has been taken in regards to Titus' historical aliases. The author does not infer that any said historical and/or fictional figures were Immortals. The author claims no copyright to the Highlander universe nor intends any infraction upon the actor portraying him. Any other fictional characters are the property of their respective writers/owners. The author claims no relations nor connections to Russell Crowe or any other actors chosen to represent Titus. There is a possibility that some entries could be considered NC-17. Please don't add Titus if you're under 18.
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